Imagine needing to organize people to complete tasks, without a widely recognized framework to do it. Imagine knowing there’s a market for a product most people have never heard of—and by the time they will have heard of it, it will be “old news.” Imagine being provided with a world-class team, but they’re scattered around the globe and time zones with no common tools or established practices.

For some people, these might seem enormous obstacles to success. Not for me! Like the authors of this book, through most of my career I’ve been at the edge or ahead of “established practice.” These challenges have allowed me to innovate, to create, and to discover what works for me. And one thing that works is to always learn from others.

This volume is a treasure: a “best of” compilation, in an emerging field. True, project management is not new, and neither are the agile principles. However mobile app development is still new enough to not have volumes and volumes written about it. The same can be said for working in a virtual team. While many companies are testing the waters with virtual workforces, globally distributed teams, and home office options for employees, consistently making it work in a project team setting can still be a challenge.

What’s unique is bringing it all together: project management using an agile framework to develop mobile apps working in a virtual team. If you can do this successfully, the sky truly is the limit for what you can accomplish. And this book will help you. This book captures the collective wisdom and experience of a handful of experts who have lived it, and found ways to make it work. These practitioners have figured out how to manage projects using an agile framework to develop mobile apps, even when their team members aren’t all in one building, office, city, or time zone. And the book fills a void, in what truly still is an emerging area.
The truth is, in this field it’s not possible to hide out in a library or academic institution, study the field exhaustively for many years, and finally deliver a comprehensive masterpiece documenting and reflecting the topic. As soon as we pause to reflect and gather our thoughts, things change. And the longer we pause, the more change happens.

Just as a scrum master supports and removes obstacles to help the team be nimble, go fast, and be effective, this book will support and guide you. Just as the scrum master does not proscriptively direct their team on what to do, this book is also not a step-by-step guide. Think of it as your scrum master: Use it as a troubleshooting guide. Use it as a compass. Most of all, use it as a trusted companion, and a clever friend who will help you as you make your way.

Best of luck with your project management adventure. Just as these authors have done for you, I encourage you to share your experiences with them to help others on their journey.

—Roberto Di Ciano, BSc, PMP