When we first started our careers, many of us barely knew what project management was. We certainly didn’t realize we were actually managing projects as we developed new products and services, created and improved processes, and even led teams of people. And yet that’s exactly what we were doing, learning as we went and improving and adjusting based on experience.

As the scope of our work increased and our teams grew larger, we added organization and structure to our workload, without the benefit of formal project management methodology training. Years later, project management gained more recognition and acceptance, and we started to learn about it, with courses and certifications, and we started to use it to create and structure our work into programs and portfolios. In retrospect, we might have progressed through our careers faster if there had been project management mentors coaching us, or “How To” books guiding us, in our early days.

These days there is no shortage of project management books, guides, courses, certificates—you name it. Project management itself has evolved to adapt to different types of projects across multitudes of industries. There are also numerous books about agile project management, about mobile app development, and about working in virtual or mobile teams. However, we have yet to find a book that discusses the intersection between agile project management and mobile app development. That’s what this book is all about. It is meant to offer you the type of expertise we wish we could have tapped into early in our careers. It will help guide you in your journey to successfully deliver mobile app development projects using agile project management principles.

Managing projects for mobile apps is certainly challenging, given the dynamic and fast-paced environment, and is also thoroughly exciting and rewarding. Through this book, you’ll have us with you, supporting you in your journey!

—John Estrella and Rossetta Sornabala