Official Page of the #Agile4Mobile Book

Agile4Mobile Book CoverWelcome to the official page of the book Agile Project Management for Mobile App Development!

You are probably interested in this book because you have been assigned to work on an “agile” project to develop a mobile app. This book is not meant to be a technical book on mobile app development, nor is it intended to be a substitute book for software development frameworks such as scrum.

The purpose of this book is to provide a management level understanding of what agile project management is all about, and how to apply it, specifically, in mobile app development projects.

If you have some background in project management, we tried to bridge the similarities and differences between what you already know and how it can be applied within the context of mobile app development projects.

The first three chapters set the stage on how to sustain agility and mobility, overcome the resistance to change, and how to enable your team to work anytime and anywhere.

The next four chapters dive deep into applying agile principles with the scrum framework, establishing the project fundamentals, customizing the scrum framework, and planning and scheduling the work.

We close off by ensuring that proper communication occurs internally and externally, and offering our insights on how to test and deliver mobile apps.

We are very much aware that the mobile space is changing rapidly. If you notice something that is no longer relevant or outdated, please contact us.